Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June 14, 2010
Dear Folks,
I bought a camera, but sorry, I dont have any pictures yet. We just really haven`t had much time, and we`re still very new here. Not many pictures we can take with the members yet.
I also bought new scriptures a while ago. However, I still need to get new pants and socks. The shoes are still good, except for one pair, and the shirts still look new. The only problem is that 2 have already disappeared. I still have 8 left though.
We had a new family in church yesterday. Before the meeting they said they`d stay for all 3 hours, but then we had the worst sacrament meeting I`ve ever been through in my life and they said they couldn`t stay any longer after just the first hour. The sacrament meeting really was horrible. There were people ignoring their kids crying,people talking on their phones, and some other people just talking to other people in the meeting. It doesn`t help either that more than half the people showed up after we passed the sacrament and just couldn`t seem to figure out how to open and close the door quietely.
So we were pretty upset about that yesterday, but later we had a few more lessons and later we felt like we should contact an inactive family the bishop told us about, and the whole family was there and they were extremely excited to talk to us. They said nobody from the church has spoken to them in several years. We have another appointment with them tomorrow, and we`re going to bring the bishop and a few other members.
Well, not much more to say. Tell Dad and Grandpa happy Father`s day and that I said hi.

Elder Rickords

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