Monday, July 12, 2010

A Hard Transfer

July 12th, 2010

Dear Folks,
Mom you asked if I ever wear short sleeves or if I just roll them, I do wear short sleeve shirts a lot, but they seem to be disappearing. I`ve lost 2 already, so that leaves me with 8. I washed the pants, they turned out fine.
I got another transfer, this time to Bogotà, which is not my favorite place in the mission, we´ll see what happens. I also do not get to train this transfer either, I´m still just a senior companion, but my companion isn´t new. I´ve kinda had a hard time with this transfer. I leave on Wednesday.
I really don't understand how I am expected to be useful in the mission anymore. I was in my last area only one transfer, and now in this area only one transfer. We worked so hard and we had so many people to teach. Now I don´t really know what waits for me over there. So today and tommorrow we get to say goodbye to everyone(because 2 new elders are coming in) so because I know how hard it will be for them to get around for a while I worry that almost all our contacts will be lost or misunderstood. I just kind of feel bad right now, because I feel like I work hard, and I obey all the rules, not always a priority for others. Please keep praying, I really need the help right now to understand what it is I need to learn from all this.

Elder Rickords

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