Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Unexpected Transfer.

August 10, 2009

Dear Folks,
Thanks for the news, I'm glad you had a good vacation. By the way, way to
go to get your job back Mom!
If I don´t answer every question in my emails, it´s because I´m kinda busy and
focused here.
The news for this week: There´s news!
We´ve had some more lessons with the Arisa family, and we all get along great. they feel great about the message and are willing to change, all they really need to do now is stop smoking(and they already know that they´re going to) and they can get baptized. We already talked about it and they´re all stoked.
Also, we´ve found another family, Israel and his son, Juan David. They´re both great too and we just need to visit them some more before they can get baptized too! We ended this week with six investigators attending church this Sunday. That´s higher than it´s ever been in all my time here. The class for those who are investigating was full this week with our investigators and those from the other elders in the ward. I was so excited!
So, with all this success, I thought I might be leaving with transfers this week.
Usually we find out Monday night if we leave or not, but we got the phonecall last night. We put it on loudspeaker so we both could hear.
"Elders" our Zone Leader said, "You two will close Tierra Linda II this next week. You will continue to be companions and will open up Alhambra II." He was trying to be official, but at the last part I think he was trying to excite us. He failed. Now those baptisms we worked so hard to get go to two other Elders who can barely work because they are having personality conflicts.
Alhambra is the ward right next to ours. I move 25 blocks this week to another house. Alhambra has only managed to baptize before because they had a huge area. But now that´s gone, and we have to start from scratch. No investigators, and we know absolutely none of the members. So I was pretty shocked last night that after how hard we worked, and how far we´ve come, that they´ll finally close our area.
And so it goes.

I´m sending some photos of our area, but I think more of them are of Monserrate.
It´s a big catholic church built up on a mountain at the edge of the city, so we took plenty of pictures. My companion and I went with Elder Miles(he got here the same time I did) and Elder D'avalos.

That´s all for this week. Write ya later.
Elder Rickords

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