Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Unexpected Transfer.

August 10, 2009

Dear Folks,
Thanks for the news, I'm glad you had a good vacation. By the way, way to
go to get your job back Mom!
If I don´t answer every question in my emails, it´s because I´m kinda busy and
focused here.
The news for this week: There´s news!
We´ve had some more lessons with the Arisa family, and we all get along great. they feel great about the message and are willing to change, all they really need to do now is stop smoking(and they already know that they´re going to) and they can get baptized. We already talked about it and they´re all stoked.
Also, we´ve found another family, Israel and his son, Juan David. They´re both great too and we just need to visit them some more before they can get baptized too! We ended this week with six investigators attending church this Sunday. That´s higher than it´s ever been in all my time here. The class for those who are investigating was full this week with our investigators and those from the other elders in the ward. I was so excited!
So, with all this success, I thought I might be leaving with transfers this week.
Usually we find out Monday night if we leave or not, but we got the phonecall last night. We put it on loudspeaker so we both could hear.
"Elders" our Zone Leader said, "You two will close Tierra Linda II this next week. You will continue to be companions and will open up Alhambra II." He was trying to be official, but at the last part I think he was trying to excite us. He failed. Now those baptisms we worked so hard to get go to two other Elders who can barely work because they are having personality conflicts.
Alhambra is the ward right next to ours. I move 25 blocks this week to another house. Alhambra has only managed to baptize before because they had a huge area. But now that´s gone, and we have to start from scratch. No investigators, and we know absolutely none of the members. So I was pretty shocked last night that after how hard we worked, and how far we´ve come, that they´ll finally close our area.
And so it goes.

I´m sending some photos of our area, but I think more of them are of Monserrate.
It´s a big catholic church built up on a mountain at the edge of the city, so we took plenty of pictures. My companion and I went with Elder Miles(he got here the same time I did) and Elder D'avalos.

That´s all for this week. Write ya later.
Elder Rickords

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Dear Folks,
Life here is good, as always. This week we had another lesson with the Arisa Family, and they're about all of our hope right now. They´re a great family that already has fellowshippers. It´s kinda of funny how we found them. Their dog is sick, so one of their neighbors invited us over to their house to pray for the dog, so we did, and we also got their information and a return appointment. They understand everything pretty well, but they need to come to church! We have another appointment with them tommorrow so we´ll see how that turns out.
We´ve been working a lot with the members, and I can really see a difference in them from the time I started here. A lot of them like having us over, and some of them like introducing us to their friends. Like I said, there´s been a lot of improvement, but there´s still a long way to go. My companion said to me after planning one night that he thinks they´ll close down the area pretty soon, he just hopes it´s after they take both of us out so we won´t feel like it´s our fault.
Transfers are next week, and since this is my third cambio here we´re pretty sure
I'll leave. But there is a chance I´ll stay for another month and a half. I´ll know
for sure next monday night.
Not much news for this week. Just working and studying and working some more. I wore a hole in one of my socks already, even though I have nothing to show for it.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rickords

PS Thanks for the package, my comp really enjoyed it.
July 25th, 2009

Dear Folks,
Thank you for the letters, they´ve really helped me. Not just this week, but every time I get a letter I feel more motivated and still want to work. So thanks for it all.
Well, this week the last of the Seventy left our area. The new headquarters of the new area will be in Peru. It was fun while it lasted, getting to hear some of the seventy talk in church a few times and getting to shake their hands when they came in. Sometimes they´d share something in one of our classes, which was also pretty cool. But now they´re all gone, which is sad. Oh well, I´ve seen a drastic improvement in our relationship with the members in my time here working with them. They seem to like the missionaries more than when I first arrived here. I hope we have done some good for them. This last week we had a few Family Home Evenings with members and non-members. We have a few new investigators that we´re pretty excited about, so we´ll see what happens.
Spanish is coming along great. I can get most of what they´re saying and they tell me I talk a lot more now. I´m making friends with some of the members, and I think they're pretty cool.
We had a baptism of 5 people the other day in the ward(the other side of course). It was a great service. A whole family. It started with the son who was baptized a month ago. Now even the aunts and cousins are solid investigators as well. They are a great family and I was happy to see them all so happy. They love the chuch and love that they have the gospel in their lives. I can´t wait till I see someone I´m closer too get that excited about it. Someday I´m sure I'll get to see it.
We played futbol today with some of the other Elders because the ban on sports has been repealed. They passed the ball to me and I actually made a few goals. Guess those YMCA programs were good for something Mom. I´m still going to talk to my comp about practicing some moves in the mornings because he has played futbol a lot.
Well how is everyone there. I want nearly weekly letters from my siblings to help me keep up with the young people. Also, I want news from Grandma and Grandpa every week, even if it is kinda short. Please give them an update about my letters every week as well.
Could you please send me the recipe for no-bake cookies and the oatmeal cookies as well. We wanted to try and make them for the Family Home Evenings we are doing.
Elder Rickords