Thursday, July 23, 2009

June 29, 2009
Dear folks,
I thought you didn´t write me this week because it didn´t show up on the the screen for 20minutes, so this has to be short.
When I said my comp was good at everything, I meant it. He sings, plays piano, guitar,basketball, soccer, volleyball, and some other sports I don´t even know about. Yeah, this cambio(which is going to be more than 2 months) is gonna be a blast. We played basketball this morning, in the park, with people watching. yay...
His dad is a radio anouncer and is well known. My comp also cooks and teaches well, and makes jokes.
We´ll start knocking every door in our area again this week. We´ve ditched most of our investigators because they won´t come to church. They say they will, but they won´t.
We had our last interviews with President Camargo the other day. He started mine by saying "Elder Rickords, everyone in your group now has 7 or 8 baptisms, and you have none. But don´t worry about it. When you get transferred you´ll baptize like crazy. What the Lord is doing with you now is testing you and improving you like Joseph Smith." The interview ended with him saying "If you do everything you can and you still don´t baptize anyone, you´ll be fine." Sometimes it is hard because I feel like all have lost hope here. Nothing else to say. No improvement in my situation. I feel like I'm having to fight hard to keep any hope.

Elder Rickords

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