Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 6, 2009
Dear Folks,
The address is correct. I have recieved a package, but I don´t know who it´s from
since the office Elders haven't picked it up from the mail office yet.
How is beautiful Burbank? How are all the wonderful people?
This week´s news: The mission is now being led by President Hacking, who took over this Tuesday. He´s from Utah, but served a mission in Argentina and has spent a good part of his life living in LatinoAmerica.
We had a meeting with him this Wednesday, where he and his wife introduced themselves. They´re both great and we´re all sure they will do a great job. He says we won´t change anything in the mission, but we´ll see about that in six months.
About my spanish, I don´t know why, but for some reason I feel more confident about it now, so I talk more and am making more connections with the people here. They started telling me this week how much better I have become. And this Sunday Elder Pino (of the seventy) told me I speak really good spanish for only 3 months.
As for the area, we have now made a new plan to win the hearts of the members, it
includes pan, dulces, and Noches de Hogar that will be nothing short of fantastico. We will also sing a hymn at all our lunch appointments( it was my comp´s idea, not mine). We also plan on crying if they don´t give us a reference, which was what the President told us to do. We may also start over on the door knocking, but my Argentino buddy doesn´t like the sound of that since it doesn´t work. But then again, nothing does work here anyway. I should know, I have personally seen every door knocked and every member visited.
Elder Acua±a and I are getting along great. We talk and joke, and it´s just great that he´s out of the hopeless stage I´ve seen the others gone through and is now in the happy and fun but still tragically hopeless phase necessary in this place. I think now that I know why my first comp was the way he was. He knew the area was ridiculously hard. But my current comp isn´t that way, and we´re best of buds just talking and drinking the maté.
Well, I'm sorry if my letters sound discouraging. I'm really working hard to feel the spirit and keep going. The Church is true and I'm holding on to that!That´s all for this week. Fotos should be coming soon.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rickords

PS What else do you all want to know?

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