Friday, July 24, 2009

July 13, 2009

Dear Folks,
Sorry I forgot to tell you about the fotos. The one of me with the buidings is a great view of Bogotá. I don´t know if you can see the city very well, but when we´re up there at about 6 in the afternoon and the sun´s setting and the clouds are just right, it´s amazing! But that´s up in the hills where the people are sometimes pretty poor, it is sad to see. I'll try to send the fotos with something to explain them next time.
We still sing at every appointment we have with a member. My comp says we sound good, but I´m still not too sure.
Well, nothing happened this week, just more contacting, studying, teaching, and
working. I don´t know what to write, so please put in some more questions next time.
Me and my comp are good buddies. We talk a lot now and I think my spanish is
getting better. I still have a really thick accent, but I´m working on that.
We use the seminary videos a lot in our lessons. They´re even better in spanish. And yes, we quote them a lot.
Love ya all.
Til next week,
Elder Rickords

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