Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22, 2009
Dear Folks,
¡No tengo fotos! Tal vez la proxima semana. Estoy tratando para encontrar algunos,
pero es bien dificil en mi area.
Elder Drain left this last Thursday, and now I´m with Elder Acu±a. He´s from
Argentina and is pretty talented at pretty much everything. I think we´ll do pretty
well in the area, at least with numbers. He´s my third comp in two and a half months,but I´m getting the hang of this whole teaching people in spanish thing. However, there´s still a lot of room to improve.
I didn´t get any packages this week, just one other letter. It was the one from you with the talks for the plane ride. They were nice to read though.
Well, not much more to talk about. We´ve had a bunch of appointments with
investigators that aren´t progresing.
Don´t worry. We´re working hard here. The problem is that we need moth
investigators and instead all we have are cockroaches. (It depends on what they do with light)

Hasta luego,
Elder Rickords

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