Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 3, 2009
Dear Family,
Thank you for the letters, please feel free to tell me everything in the e'mail. My comp always takes more time than me anyway, so it would be fine to tell me more.
Besides, any letters or DearElders will take a month to get here!
Sorry to hear about your job Mom. What will you do now? Can you find another one, or is the economy too bad? Don´t worry, I know you´re a great teacher and the school will be at a great loss without you.
Well, we´ve been trying to preach here in Bogota. Our one invetigator with a baptismal date won´t return any calls and won´t find a time for more of the lessons, so that´s discouraging. We´ve done some more contacts in the streets, but they´re not really receptive to the gospel and usually give us fake addresses.
The last few days I´ve been pretty sick. I had a bad stomach ache and headache, had a fever, and felt weak when we were walking. Sister Camargop thinks I have an infection of the stomach. I guess it happens sometimes when food isn´t prepared properly. So I slept for most of yesterday, and I haven´t had anything except juice and saltines since yesterday. I hope tommorrow I´ll be normal again.
It doesn´t look like we´ll do transfers this month. I´m grateful, since that would put me with Elders from my group. Two white kids walking down the street without knowing any spanish!
But actually, I can understand almost everything they say now. I can understand more than I can speak, but soon enough I´ll have that down too. I thought I was doing well in the MTC, but when I got here, it sounded like a whole new language.
Looking forward to calling on Mother's Day! Talk to you then.

Elder Rickords

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