Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 18, 2009

Sorry, no pictures this week. But I´m going to try to get some for next week.

Well, my week has been fine, as always, and this week is the end of my first transfer in the field. Yesterday Elder Barnard, who has 7 months out here, was called to be the assistant. Very unusual for them to be so young. I got to talk to him as he left, he said he doesn´t know why they would pick him (which is probably the reason) and he looked very shocked. He´ll be great though. He´s a great missionary. He kept saying There´s so many other elders who know more than me. I was under the impression that being the assistant didn´t necessarily mean you knew the most. If so,I should probably stop studying so hard in the mornings...
He also told me that my comp is gone this transfer, never to return to Tierra Linda. I don´t know who my next comp is, but I hope he works hard. So in our ward we will have my new comp, the new peruvian of last week, the retired assistant, and little old me,feeling kinda lonely that my district just got wiped out. This also means I´m the only one who knows the ward and the area. I want to learn a lot this transfer, so I´ve set some goals and want to stick with them.

This week with another elder, I went contacting(like we´re supposed to every day). We made a lot of contacts, and one lady told us we could come in! We taught part of the first lesson, and she told us we could come back. However, on the day of our return appointment, my companion decided that we needed to do other stuff that should have been taken care of earlier by other Elders in our District (get their baptismal clothing etc, and this was 3 hours before the baptism!). So we still haven´t visited her. I feel terrible about it, but I really can´t do anything about it. This too shall pass...

Well, at the end of my first transfer, it loks like I need to take a lot more pictures! I have a bunch, but there´s not much to take pictures of in my area. I´ll try harder this time. Also, all my clothing is fine and still looks new, and people like my ties! Son chevres!

The new Peruano is a little different, he's Elder Mullisaca. He seems to like me though. I haven´t figured out why. He won´t talk much about it, but he spent a lot of his life before the mission in a mine, by himself. He´s also the only member in his family, and he uses the freeby scriptures we hand out as his own. I think I´m gonna buy him a nice Libro de Morm³n before the end of this transfer. I like him, he's a good guy.

Spanish is great, I can understand better than ever. I think it has a lot to do with how for the last few days I told my comp we were going to study spanish and not shop for cookies, and he let me! I think it helps that I try to be nice to him and give little acts of service throughout the day(iron his shirt, make his bed, etc.).

I hope there´s more for next week. I hope P'day i better next week too. Without a
gringo buddy it was pretty boring and lonely without someone to talk to. The other two just sleep, Mullisaca y Alvarado, just slept all day.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Rickords

PS where are those letters from other people? And, most importantly, where are those packages! Tranguila, tranquila, it doesn´t really matter to me.

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