Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feb 20, 2009

Dear Family,

Thankyou for the letter. I sincerely appreciate it, since letters are VERY important to a new missionary. About my companion, his name is Elder Michael Larson and he is from Kayesville(?) Utah. He is very excited to be out here, and is very obedient and willing to learn. we work well together and have many things in common, but sadly not a deep love for movie quotes...

My classes are great. I have two great teachers, Hermano Allen and Farrell. We learn about how to teach, use Preach My Gospel, and speak Spanish. We do not have classes on Colombia, since the only missionaries that went there are old enough to have a higher paying job, or else aren't back yet. However, all the Elders going to Colombia have had problems with their visas and have been stuck here for up to 12 weeks. oh boy.

We go to the temple every week on Friday morning, and then it's P-day till dinner at 5 o'clock.

I do have to write a talk each week, but I have not had to give one yet. I’ve just prayed in spanish in front of the branch. This week we had M Russell Ballard as our speaker. He gave a very good talk on missionary work, of course. I enjoyed it heartily. We sang Called to Serve, but we don't stand up unless an Apostle walks into the room.

My district is fine, but we have no hermanas of our own. Thanks for the package also. It lets people know somebody loves me. Well, love ya lots, but my time is through. So please write me, and until next week, goodbye!

Elder Rickords

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