Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27, 2009


OF COURSE I ATE THE FISH EYES! It´s just plain good manners. I didn´t eat much else really interesting this week, but I wouldn´t have a choice of eating it or not anyway. Most of the time the people cook the food and watch me eat it. I think they want to know what the norte americano thinks of their food.
Well, we started companionship exchanges this week, so I went to the Zone leaders´ area for a day since my companion is the district leader. While I was gone one of our investigators committed to be baptized! Our first while I´ve been here. Did I tell you about my area? It´s one of the richest parts of Colombia. It has a lot of apartment buildings that we´re not allowed to knock doors in, so we do all our
contacts in the street. It is also the lowest baptizing area in the mission and a while back my ward got dissolved because there weren´t enough active members. But it´s nice here, so the area presidency live in our area when they´re not travelling to other parts of Colombia, or Ecuador or Venezuela.
About the Spanish, I am not having too hard a time, I know that in time, with study and practice, I´ll get it. I work very hard, let me be clear about that. The people are very nice and understanding, and I feel very comfortable here. My Spanish is coming along fine... However, for the first week when I talked to people, they´d always say, ¨Oh, you comprehend well for a week (or however many days)¨ But after the first week they stopped saying that. I can understand most of what they say now, as long as they´re from Bogotá. It really is very clear and much slower than other forms of speaking spanish, I can already tell. Yesterday in our ward council meeting, I even understood what was going on. By next transfer I´ll be doing just fine.
Last Friday we had a conference with Quentin L. Cook. He gave a wonderful talk I was able to completely understand. You may also be interested in how he gave us an apostolic blessing for our work here. He also promised that whatever our circumstances at home are, this is the best possible thing we could be doing at this point in our lives. It will bring blessings not only to us and the people we serve, but also to our families and friends back home.
We also went to the temple this last week, all in Spanish. So that was kinda
interesting. The temple is also in my area, and it´s the only one in Colombia.
Well that´s about all for this week.
Elder Rickords

PS. You can reach me through DearElder, but that will take a while, so just have everyone else do that. Send packages to the mission office without valuable in them, and looking very Catholic like, with Crucifixes, Virgin Marys, and the works. You are the only contact I have had with the platano-free world for the past three weeks, so please encourage others to write me.
Hope you all are well back home, and that you do OK with your job. Nos vemos.

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