Friday, April 17, 2009

April 13, 2009


We all got here on Tuesday night and everything was fine. We met the President and the assistants, and by Thursday morning transfers were over and we started to work. I can´t understand what these people are saying, it´s like they speak a completely different language. I cannot understand even the people who speak slowly. Oh well, the people here are nice. I have been assigned to Teirra Linda, one of the richest parts of Bogota. We have one progressing investigator, and we can't go tracting because the houses here all have guards that would kick us out. My companion is Elder Alvarado, he is from Costa Rica and doesn't speak any English. But he's nice and loves the work so I think we'll get along fine. The apartment is pretty quiet though, since it's just the two of us and we speak different languages.

Bogota is fine. It´s a lot like the US, and not too dangerous. It´s really cloudy though, and we have thunder and lightening every day. It´s also pretty cool, so we always wear our jackets while proselyting in the city. Our first night in Bogota we had hamburgers, probably to make us feel at home but in a way it was disappointing. So I was thinking that the food here was the same as the US, but the other day we had lunch with a member family and they served us whole fish. They told me to eat it and so I did. I ate what they ate, namely the meat, skin, fins, tail, and eyes. It actually wasn´t that bad. We have a lot of rice here, and a lot of juice. The only thing I´m sick of right now are platanos. Platanos are bananas that are cooked or fried. They are warm, squishy, and way too sweet. I need to work on liking them because I gag when I eat them, even though we have them every day...yay.

Well, don´t worry. It´s safe here and the people are really nice, but apparently it´ll take 2 to 3 more months to be able to understand them, at least that´s how long the other gringoes took.

Con amor,Elder Rickords

PS is this long enough? I´ll be able to write more once I understand what´s going on.

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  1. Sounds good. Ya gotta love the fish...I personally loves the plantain but I always had it before it turned sweet. It tasted a lot like potatoes.